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A Memorial Day Tribute…

I cannot take any credit for the images in this blog post. All the credit goes to my talented friend, Caitlin Trantham {Oh Penelope Photography}! She is a Marine wife, mother of two and a photographer in Saint Louis, Mo. When words are not enough… Images speak what cannot be spoken… With Caitlin’s permission, I share […]

Silent Words

Ever been hit with news or been thrust into the midst of a situation that threatens to overwhelm you? Yeah… me, too. Read on and let me share a little of my heart with you… The house is quiet. I can finally write. But how do I express all that my heart wants to say? […]

A Gift for My Mom

As I sat trying to contemplate what to give my sweet Mom (and Mother-in-love), who put up with me and love me always and forever… no matter what, I created a masterpiece. I didn’t fully intend for it to be a masterpiece, but evidently God had other plans! I simply wanted something beautiful that would […]

Welcome Giveaway Winners!

Thank you to all of you who entered! You all make my heart smile! It was so much fun to hear what everyone would use the gift certificate for if they won! I have been sooo excited since I posted about this giveaway! It’s been driving me crazy waiting to see which two people would […]

You are Beautiful!

With so much to share, it’s difficult to write just a single blog post. Yet today it’s clear what I want to share: the reason for my photography business. When I first talk to people about what I do, they often assume, it’s ‘for the money.’ Of course, they aren’t being rude or disrespectful… they […]