With so much to share, it’s difficult to write just a single blog post. Yet today it’s clear what I want to share: the reason for my photography business.

When I first talk to people about what I do, they often assume, it’s ‘for the money.’ Of course, they aren’t being rude or disrespectful… they just haven’t heard my heart yet.

Originally, I created Stacee Taft Photography simply to capture beauty in the people and settings around me. However, I had not anticipated it capturing me… in a passion for people to see their own beauty.

I firmly believe that you are beautiful and I have the privilege of using my portraiture skills to prove it.

I don’t do this by transforming what you look like, but rather, how you view yourself.

This was my motivation for designing The Glamour Portraiture Experience. Geared mostly toward us moms who are worn out caring for those around us, with little time to recharge or pamper ourselves, this special session is designed to spoil you. My professional hairstylist and make-up artist helps bring out your best features and make you feel incredible. {Thankfully she uses waterproof mascara because most of us tear up when we realize we are so… beautiful.} Then comes the fun part, digitally capturing the moment… stylized to match your style and vision; we capture images that are tasteful enough to share with everyone while still stunning, fabulous and ah-maz-ing! The feedback I have gotten from my clients regarding these sessions makes me happy-cry. By the time they are viewing their images at their big reveal… they get it… they are beautiful! Mission accomplished.

These days we’re constantly bombarded with what beauty is supposed to be; enough so that most of us simply give up with a sigh and assume “beauty” is not attainable – for us. Well… I’m here to tell you, you ARE beautiful… and it has very little to do with what you look like!

Surprised to hear that coming from a professional photographer? Well, don’t be. I firmly believe that everyone is beautiful. I believe because we are created in the image of our Creator we are beautiful. Whether accentuated by physical features, character traits, a sparkle from within or a unique personality… everyone has something beautiful about them. And it’s my passion to stage and capture what makes you beautiful so you can appreciate your beauty.

My goal by the end of every session is for my clients to walk away feeling cherished and valuable… all while having a ton of fun capturing images they will enjoy for years to come.

I realize I get sort of crazy-passionate about this topic. But I want you to know — I mean really, really know — how meaningful you are! It matters so much to me that you believe you have worth and value. YOU matter that much to me…

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