Stacee Taft Photography

Stacee Taft Photography

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Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to getting to know you better and helping capture this time in your life!

As a visual historian, I have noticed that our current generations are being “documented,” but aren’t being preserved! While day-to-day snapshots are good, professional portraiture is critically important to preserve our lives for future generations to enjoy.

Many feel that they aren’t “beautiful enough” to be photographed, but I firmly believe everyone is beautiful and I have the privilege and honor of using my portraiture skills to prove it.

I do this not by transforming what people look like,
but rather, how they view themselves.

 Please enjoy browsing some of my work in the portfolios below…

“We told Stacee we wanted something fun and not in a studio for our family portraits… and we wanted to bring our dog. She did her homework on which location would give us a variety of backdrops. We had the best time! She made it so much fun. When we got to preview the photos, we were thrilled! She captured our personalities (even the dog’s!), made us look terrific, and exceeded our expectations. I will definitely want to hire her again for our next family portrait!”

- Liz Hatcher