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Parental Challenge

Items needed: • pen/pencil and paper (or you could type it on the computer if that’s more your style) • and some personal quiet time/space where you can think and won’t be interrupted. STEP 1: Fathers: Write down the character traits that you want your son(s) to have when they are grown men. If you […]

2015 Destination Imagination Global Finals

    HELP US GET TO GLOBAL FINALS Oregon Destination Imagination, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Using this link restricts the funds for our team’s use only. Hi! We’re the Tongue-Twisting Turquoise Toucans! We’re so excited, and honored, to go to Global Finals again this year. This year’s Technical Challenge is very difficult… and well… […]

Really Cool & Really Sad

My children pounded on our bedroom door this morning, which was highly unusual. Thankfully I was already up getting ready for the day. I opened it and was greeted by strained faces and my daughter saying, “Mom, something happened and it was really cool and really sad.” I wasn’t exactly sure how to react or respond […]