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The Alagille Syndrome Alliance
• branding
• newsletter design

After seven years {and deciding to go full color}
• complete rebrand
• new logo
• new marketing pieces
• new newsletter design

Getting to work with an organization like the Alagille Syndrome Alliance is such an honor. They are doing some amazing things to help those with ALGS and they’re doing it as volunteers. The heart and passion behind the scenes is inspiring. Getting to work with them since 2005 and watch the Alliance grow and start to get the recognition it deserves… wow… truly awesome.

When we started working together the Alliance president simply needed a newsletter to help get information out to the ALGSA members. They were simple designs, but they were what was needed at the time. As the Alliance grew, thrived and started branching out and gaining recognition, the Alliance president realized that a full rebrand was in order. It was so much fun to take things that represent the syndrome, things that represent hope to those who suffer with ALGS and the parts and pieces the Alliance needed to create a logo and branding pieces.

The Alliance president, Cindy Hahn, explained so well in the Vol. 19, issue 2 of Links4Life newsletter, “The spiral pattern is everywhere in nature – the curl of a fern frond, inside a nautilus shell, the whirl of a fingerprint, a spiral galaxy. And it’s strength and creativity is mimicked in the human-made world – a spiral notebook binding, a slinky, the bit of a drill, a spiral staircase. The spiral of our new logo combines the natural and human-made to reflect our tagline “Building a better life with ALGS”.

If you look at the white spaces in our logo, it looks like a maze or labyrinth – a path to travel – much like the journey of someone with ALGS. We then added the rainbow of colors that are captured in our jewelry – one color for each system that is affected by someone with ALGS. The colors meld into one another, unable to pinpoint where one system starts and another one ends. Finally, in the letterhead and newsletter masthead the ends of the path go off indefinitely, allowing our imagination and creativity to take us off the page into the future, while in the standalone logo the path connects encircling the logo and symbolizing our ALGS community.

If you would like to learn more about ALGSA and all the wonderful things it is doing, please visit their website to find out more.